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How much Diamond Brite is needed per square foot?

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In Florida we only measure the floor of the pool. Calculate Length x width and you have the square footage for a pool. A 350sqft pool with a nice shell, without too many imperfections, will be done with about 28 bags of diamond brite (80# bag).

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How can you smooth out the finish on a plaster pool ?

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How thick should a pool plaster be?

For quartz aggregate finish, somewhere around 3/8" on the walls and 1/2" or even thicker on the floor. Pebble will be slightly thicker.

It is not necessarily better, however it is just different.  The pebble finish can come in mini pebble and regular pebble. The mini pebble is pretty close to the quartz aggregate finish(diamond brite) as far as texture, feeling. The regular is much rougher on your feet( kids and sensitive soles can vouch for that). As a contractor i hear this question all the time , and my answer is: if you use your pool frequently, go with quartz aggregate, if you care about the way your pool looks, then go with pebble. Pebble will be around 30% more than quartz aggregate. It is really a matter of preference.

Is pebble coating a pool finisher better than plaster?

(S. C., Spring Hill )

Unless you have some experience with concrete or any kind of plaster, I do not recommend it.

This is an ultra-specialized trade. It takes years to become a decent trowel man.

First, your pool needs to be drained, as soon as you can get to the main drain on the deep end of your pool, remove the cover and unplug the bottom of it. This is a very important step, in case you have a lot of ground water, the pressure coming from underneath of your pool must be released by pulling the plug inside your main drain. After that, you will have to cut right underneath the tile line, all the way around. Cut it in a 45 degree angle, about 2 inches wide. A good bath with muriatic acid is the next step. Use a watering can to pour it; be careful with the fumes from the acid. The final touch would be the use of a concrete mixer to mix the plaster. You can carry it with a wheel barrow and dump it into the pool. Use a round edge trowel to pull the plaster up on the walls.

This is a very concise description of this process. Like I said before, unless you have skills using a trowel, it is better to live it to a professional pool plaster company.

How do you resurface a concrete shot Crete in-ground pool ?

(P. B., New Port Richey)

If your pool has a marcite finish, it is quite simple. Not easy, but simple. It can be completely polished with a diamond pad and a hydro torque machine. A service like this should cost you around $600. It depends on the size of your pool. This procedure will make your surface feels glassy, extremely smooth.

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