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Pool Resurface:

Not long ago, the options to resurface a swimming pool were very limited. The variety of pool finishes has increased dramatically within the last two decades. What is known by many as Marcite, which is basically crushed marble and white Portland cement, was substituted by Quartz aggregate finish, also known as diamond Brite ®.

For a more distinguished look, homeowners often choose the pebble finish or glass bead finish (Beadcrete ®.)

If a glassy finish is desired, Hydrazzo is the pool finish to go with.

Pool Coping:

When remodeling your pool deck with pavers the coping installation is necessary; it will frame and raise the edge of the swimming pool.

Pool Coping is a concrete based product. It is the first step when remodeling a pool deck with pavers.

Pool Tile:

Another important part of a complete pool remodel is the installation of a new pool tile. Although is not necessary, it is without a doubt the best time to be replaced since the pool needs to be drained, prepped, cut, and bond coated.  

Paver Pool Deck:

Pavers are the ultimate solution for those ugly and inevitable cracks on pool decks. Similarly to Pool Coping, pavers are concrete based product.

Pool deck pavers are a great choice for any in ground pool or above ground pool because of their great flexibility and because it can be customized.

  • Paver colors. You can choose from many color blends to complement your patio and backyard theme or design.
  • No cracking. Concrete pavers are a great choice over the major alternative – poured concrete – because it does not crack over time. These cracks are both unsightly and a safety hazard.
  • Patterns.  You have unlimited choices of pavers patterns which will add to the beauty of you deck far more than regular poured in place concrete.
  • One great advantage of pool pavers is their slip resistance. They are smooth enough to be easy on the feet and retain their beauty for a long time; they are rough enough, however, to provide enough friction to prevent someone from slipping on them, especially if they are wet (as they will be when they are near a pool). For those who have children who enjoy playing around the pool, pool paving stones can be a great investment in safety.

No more mastic.  Pavers are installed butting directly to the coping. Therefore, there is NO more need for expensive mastic.  Pavers do not expand and contract like “poured-in-place” concrete.

Again, why Pavers?

Pavers are certainly beautiful, but are they worth the investment?  Pavers offer a perfect way to enhance the look of your home but they also offer other benefits as well.

  • No cracking.  Pavers are put together in an interlocking system that spreads stress out over a large area.  Because these pavers are free to move slightly, they can absorb a great deal of pressure without cracking or breaking, unlike traditional asphalt and concrete.  Even if one paver does crack or is broken by an accident, it can easily be replaced without having to remove the entire driveway.
  • Very strong.  Pavers can hold up to 5 times the weight of a traditional concrete or asphalt driveway w/o breaking due to their flexibility and strength.
  • Work with other landscaping elements.  Because Premium Pool SPA and Pavers can incorporate not only interlocking pavers but other aspects such as walls, stone veneers and other items into your landscape, your pavers become a part of a larger overall landscaping theme.
  • Easy to install.  Pavers can be installed relatively quickly and do not require the curing or drying time of concrete.  Premium Pool SPA & Pavers experts can work with you to create the perfect driveway and have you using it faster than you thought possible!

When you call Premium Pool SPA and Pavers for an appointment, we will also bring you sample pavers that you can review and look over after we draft you an onsite estimate.  We want you to be completely satisfied with our work, so we take the time to show you exactly how your new driveway will look.  We hope you are as excited as we are to get started on your beautiful driveway project!

Sealer Application:

Premium Pool SPA and Pavers urges you homeowner… do not let anybody seal your pavers immediately after being installed! Pavers and Coping manufacturing involves a lot of chemicals. It needs to cure, in order to “breath”. All these chemicals will travel through the pavers and surface. 

The rule of thumb is 30 (thirty) days for thin pavers and 60 (sixty) days for thick pavers (from the day it was manufactured).

Any early attempt in sealing these products can lead to disastrous results - if the sealer is applied prior to the recommended number of days, those chemicals mentioned before will become trapped inside the pavers/coping.




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