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(so called * Diamond Brite)

*Diamond Brite  is a brand name for one of many pool finish brands in the marketing.

There are two times when you are ready to re-plaster your pool:
1). When your pool doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing anymore – a cosmetic problem
2). When your pool has a structural reason causing the plaster surface to look “wrong”

Ultimately, your pool surface should feel smooth and look great in both daylight and at night time with the pool lights on.

The “feel” of the plaster is also an important consideration. Strong water chemistry or intense or too frequent acid washing can “pit” the plaster surface which is supposed to be smooth and soft. Commonly called “etching”, pitted plaster feels rough to the skin, and gives dirt and algae a surface to cling to. Etching can also be caused by poor plastering methods, especially using too “hot” of a mix, or too much calcium during cold weather. Sometimes rough plaster can be sanded with rotary sanders to smooth small patches of etching, however if widespread etching occurs it may be necessary to re-plaster the entire pool.

Premium Pool and SPA Pavers recognizes how important the look and feel of your pool surface is and we take many precautions to ensure a polished and professional appearance. We have earned a reputation for extreme attention to detail that our past clients absolutely love.




- Driveways, Walkways, Patios, Entryways

Pavers are the ultimate solution for those ugly and inevitable cracks on pool decks. Similarly to Pool Coping, pavers are concrete based product.
Pavers also allow you to extend the comfort of your home outdoors and transform your yard into a place where memories are made. Give your driveway old world charm or create a relaxing patio with beautiful pavers.
The versatility, durability and attractiveness of pavers are what make them a smart choice for homeowners. Stronger and more flexible than concrete or asphalt pavement, brick and concrete pavers are a perfect alternative for driveways and walk ways. Pavers are also an excellent option for pool areas, patios and other spaces that extend your living area outside.


Sealing new pavers will help create a more durable structure because the sealer solidifies joint sands and locks the pavers together. Paver sealer also retards joint sand erosion by creating a weather barrier. Depending on the sealer, it can also enhance the natural beauty of the pavers really increasing the overall appearance.




Premium Pool and Pavers